Chopin: Dances and Lyricism

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F. Chopin:

Polonaise in C minor, Op. 40
2 Nocturnes, Op. 27
4 Mazurkas, Op. 41
Andante Spianato and the Grand Polonaise in E-flat major, Op. 22

Polonaise in F-sharp minor, Op. 44
7 Waltzes (selection)
Impromptu in A-flat major, Op. 29
Polonaise in A-flat major, Op. 53

F. Schubert - Sonata in A Major
F. Schubert - 4 Impromptus, Op. 90

J. Field - 3 Nocturnes (selection)
F. Mendelssohn - 3 Songs Without Words (selection)
E. Grieg - 6 Lyrical Pieces (selection)
F. Chopin - Nocturne in G minor, Op. 15
Ballade in G minor, Op. 23

Classic and Romantic

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W. A. Mozart - Fantasia in D minor, KV 397
W. A. Mozart - Sonata in F major, KV 332
L. v. Beethoven - Sonata in A-flat major, Op. 110
R. Schumann - Arabesque, Op. 18
J. Brahms - 6 Pieces, Op. 118
R. Wagner / F. Liszt - Isolde's death Fever

Bach: Inventions and Sinfonias

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J. S. Bach:

4 Duets (BWV 802-805)
15 Inventions (BWV 772-786)

15 Sinfonias (BWV 787-801)

Bach: Varia

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J. S. Bach - Prelude and Fugue in E-flat major (WTC I vol.)
4 Duets (BWV 802-805)
Prelude and Fugue in A-flat major (WTC I vol.)
Partita in C Minor, BWV 826

J. S. Bach - Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue, BWV 903
V Partita in G Major, BWV 829

Bach: Das Wohltemperierte Klavier

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J. S. Bach: 24 Preludes and Fugue from Das Wohltemperierte Klavier

(Book 1st., BWV 846-869)

F. Schubert:

Sonata in B-flat Major, D960

Selection of small pieces